We are changing the way we learn about our bodies by using blood.

Yes, you heard that right— blood. You see the thing with blood is that it’s what makes us human, and more importantly it is has all the answers to how we learn about our bodies. But the problem right now is no one really understands it?

We believe there is no time like the present for brands to stop talking and start doing. Which is why we built Base— so you can stop guessing and start measuring. Our goal as a brand is to stand in the gap and create a new kind of way to track health through at-home blood testing and regular tracking. And before you say didn’t someone already try that, and didn’t that not really do so well? Yes and yes, and because of exactly that reason we’re doing it the right way.

If people were able to understand their data from blood, and know that it wasn’t getting abused, stolen or shared without their permission, all of a sudden the world of data is so much more optimistic. As a team of scientists, doctors and engineers we’re excited to open up the world of blood in an entirely new way.

We’re working on translating blood data in an easier way so that you can understand, access and measure your health over time.

We have a few different tracks that you can select from pending what your most obvious needs are right now. Don’t worry we’ll help you figure out the best place to start.

Meet your new support system, and the future of health.