Wrightspeed Electrifies the Future of Heavy Duty Urban Transportation

Urban transportation vehicles are among the world’s great polluters.

Studies show that traditional medium- and heavy-duty trucks comprise only 4 percent of the total on-road vehicles, while producing 30 percent of on-road emissions and consuming 26 percent of the fuel.

Wrightspeed is addressing this global problem with its electric vehicle and range-extended EV solutions.

Wrightspeed has designed the world’s most efficient range-extended electric vehicle powertrains. Built for short-haul operations on urban streets, Wrightspeed is powering frequent-stop, heavy-duty vehicles such as garbage, delivery and construction trucks, as well as busses.

Traditional piston combustion engines are least efficient when starting and stopping. Wrightspeed’s hybrid electric powertrains address this problem by optimizing efficiency and performance. On regional schedules, the Wrightspeed range-extended solution provides a 25 percent fuel savings with measured real-world fuel savings of up to 60 percent on more aggressive driving schedules. In addition to fuel savings, annual maintenance and brake replacement can be reduced by as much as $25,000 per year on these aggressive schedules.

Wrightspeed has opened a new route for sustainable trucking by reducing greenhouse gasses, meeting regulatory needs and noise ordinances, and providing total cost of ownership (TCO).

Wrightspeed is partnering with countries and international companies to make a global environmental impact. We’d like to invite you to speak with Wrightspeed VP of Engineering Broc TenHouten about the company’s groundbreaking technology and how the company is transporting the future of heavy duty vehicles one short haul at a time.