OneRare is the world's first 3d Metaverse for the global Food & Beverage Industry. We are building the first Tokenization layer that celebrates Food in Web3 - creating an immersive & Gamified experience for foodies worldwide.

🍩 Claim Dish NFTs from all across the world | Global Cuisines, Festive Menus, Vegan/Keto, Cocktails & more

πŸ§„ Collaborating with Celebrity Chefs, Iconic Restaurants, & Food Brands for their first NFTs in blockchain gaming

🍟 Immerse in our Gamified Foodverse to create Dishes | Play-to-earn Farm, Farmer's Marketplace, Kitchen, & Mobile Gaming Playground

πŸ• Food Partners to Web3 Projects | Special Menus for Web3 games & characters, Food Catering for Web3 events

🌯 NFT to Real Life I Swap NFTs for meals & deals from Top Restaurants/Brands

🍚 Action Against Hunger I Join the global effort to take action against hunger.