VidDay is a collaborative video web app made for people who want to give a unique gift. With VidDay, you can collect video messages and photos from friends, to compile into a beautiful video. No editing skills required, VidDay makes the video for you. Birthday videos are the most popular, but a VidDay video is a perfect gift for all special occasions.

The best part about VidDay is watching the recipient’s reaction. What’s even better is when they cry tears of joy. 🥰

Who We Are:
VidDay is a fast-growing Canadian startup. We’re a team of like-minded individuals who are building a company that is a positive force in the world.

We make meaningful videos as surprise gifts. The service we provide brings a genuine sense of happiness as it makes people feel loved and appreciated.

We don’t stop there. We want our impact on the world to be bigger than spreading happiness through videos. Not only do we give people a way to share a gift that is eco-friendly, but for every video sold, VidDay will plant one tree. Plus, Get Well videos are totally free because support from loved ones can make a difference when fighting through or recovering from an illness.

Our Mission:
To make a billion people smile.