I specialize in end-to-end video solutions and excel at optimizing production and delivery strategies to improve efficiency and quality. I am as a trusted advisor for tech startups, digital agencies, government institutions, and Fortune 500 companies.

✅ My signature highlights are the following:

➤ Contributing Editor for Streaming Media Magazine for nearly a decade, writing monthly columns as "The Video Doctor" for the print and online versions of the imprint.

➤ Instructor for, Art Center College of Design, Portland State University, Carleton University, and Wieden/Kennedy. Regular speaker and trainer at Streaming Media East and West.

➤ Author of best-selling books for Wiley Publishing, Adobe Press, and Macromedia Press.

✅ Below are some highlights of my professional experience:

➤ What makes me stand out are my solid skills in high production value and end-to-end video processing from image acquisition to compression-storage-distribution-digital rights management (DRM) to PPV systems.

➤ I have a diversity and depth of experience with clients in a broad range of service sectors. I won't say I've seen it all, but I've seen enough to confidently say I can solve almost any problem and deliver customized video streaming experiences that create value for clients by matching business requirements with efficient technical strategy.

➤ I am an innovative and creative professional, demonstrating strong organizational and prioritization skills with ability to manage multiple priorities and projects effectively.

✪ My Technical Proficiencies ✪

FFmpeg Custom Builds

Bento4 SDK Integration

Wowza Streaming Engine

Java API module development

2K / 4K Video Gear

Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

VMix / Wirecast / OBS Applications

✅ I am looking for new challenges and opportunities to employ my technical skills and experiences at a higher strategic level.☛ If you are interested in learning more about my skillset and experience, please contact me on LinkedIn or email me at