Millennials Turn to AntiLand for Safe, Anonymous Chats in Ad-Free Environment

AntiLand, the world’s most popular anonymous chat app, is reinforcing its commitment to providing a safe community focused on self-discovery and mindfulness. Unlike other chat destinations, AntiLand was created to be a secure environment where people can go incognito and be their true selves. The ad-free chat app has become a daily destination for millions of people, particularly millennials, looking for a safe place to talk freely without fear of judgement.

Current events have divided people across the globe, resulting in an inability to partake in discussions on sensitive and polarizing topics. AntiLand promotes civil discourse and builds self-confidence, awareness and empathy through 1:1 and small group conversations. AntiLand’s charter is based on community trust, rewarding badges for good deeds and a zero tolerance for bullying and other bad behavior, which results in revoking privileges for those violating guidelines.

“There’s a lot of talk about bringing people together right now. AntiLand is doing just that,” said Nova Halavins, founder & CEO, AntiLand. “AntiLand is an opportunity for people to respectfully communicate and exchange ideas. Through these interactions, our users broaden their understanding of the world, while making new friends at the same time.”

As people were forced to stay at home over the past year due to COVID-19, many took to online communities to cope with this new reality. Unfortunately, whether due to social, political or personal views, this became an extra added source of stress, anxiety and/or unhappiness for people around the world. AntiLand has emerged as a safe harbor for respectful and meaningful dialogue and connection on all types of issues.

“We live in a world of constant change and stress,” added Halavins. “AntiLand was designed to provide shelter and safely collaborate on real issues. We are not a vanity social app; we are a real community that deals with life head-on.”

Since its founding in 2016, AntiLand has built a community of more than 30 million users with an average age of 30. It features more than 100,000 group chatrooms in 32 international languages and a team of skilled moderators to control order, secure messaging and safety. AntiLand is the number one-rated anonymous chat app in the Apple Store.